Are Men Really Bad At Shopping?

Men are Bad at shoppingOne of the things men dread the most is shopping for themselves. They would rather shop with their wife or girlfriend over having to buy something for themselves. Most men still do not care that much about what they wear and who buys it for them, even though the younger generation is actually changing this trend. Men, who fall into the category of being bad at shopping, can go months with a pair of jeans and just a couple of shirts. Men are certainly not built to shop like women, who can spend every day shopping for hours and still not having enough time to buy everything that they want. Men could care less; if it were up to them, they would always send their partners to buy everything for them.

However, when trying to figure out why men actually are bad shoppers, it is important to consider what exactly they have to buy. For example, a man will try to use the lamest excuse to get out of having to go grocery shopping or to the mall to buy a present for a friend’s birthday party or kill some time. They rather spend their free time sitting at home or with the people relaxing, eating and watching sports. This is what men like to do and what men do not like to do is SHOP!

However, if a man was going to shop for a new surround sound system for the house or a new LED television, he might end up spending days looking around for the best deal. Electronics and other innovative gadgets that the world is overflowing with mostly caught their attention. They love to get their hands on the latest technological discoveries to see how they work and decide whether they are worth buying. Most of men’s stupid purchases are due to being overexcited and easily persuaded by these electronic gadgets. For most men, shopping for gadgets is what shopping for new shoes or a new top is for a woman. They just simply cannot resist the temptation. Even though most of the time the gadget is only used for a couple of days and the rest of its life is spent in the drawer of the dresser.

Nonetheless, men like to shop for only things that they want to buy. They just cannot randomly head out to the mall to look at the latest offerings from the top brands, which most of them cannot afford or will not buy because of the obnoxiously high prices. Most men, compared to women, are very simple creatures. They only buy what they need instead of counting their list of wants, and they are mostly willing to spend very small amounts of money. Women, on the other hand, will spend hours on deciding what to buy and will most likely settle for the most expensive piece in the store or will not buy anything at all. Men operate more robotically: they see something they like and they will buy, if not, they will just wait until something better comes around. To sum up, men are not bad at shopping; they are just MORE EFFICIENT

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